Council Chambers, Brantford City Hall
58 Dalhousie Street, Brantford

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    1. THAT Report No. 2023-682 Clarence Street Rail Line Update BE RECIEVED; and
    2. THAT Staff BE DIRECTED to proceed with negotiations with Ingenia to agree to a reasonable cost sharing agreement for the construction of Option 1 as detailed.
    1. THAT Report No. 2023-651 GRCA Category 2 Programs and Services Memorandum of Understanding BE RECEIVED; and
    2. THAT the City Clerk BE DIRECTED to place the Agreement between the Corporation of the City of Brantford and the Grand River Conservation Authority for Category 2 Programs and Services in 2024 on the Signing By-law for execution by the Mayor and City Clerk; and
    3. THAT staff BE DIRECTED to work with the Grand River Conservation Authority and the County of Brant to investigate options for continuing programming at Apps’ Mill.
    1. THAT Report No. 2023-663 titled “Year 2024 Capital Projects Funding Pre-Approvals” BE RECEIVED; and
    2. THAT notwithstanding the annual Estimates Committee process, $2,200,000 funding to support the budget pre-approval request list in Appendix “A” BE TRANSFERRED to the appropriate capital projects on January 1, 2024; and
    3. THAT the Commissioner, Public Works Commission and the Purchasing Officer BE AUTHORIZED to award six (6) 2024 projects for the Public Works Commission as shown in Appendix “A” attached to Report No. 2023-663, in accordance with the City of Brantford’s Purchasing Policy.
    1. THAT Report No. 2023-618 regarding 2023 Vision Zero Program Update BE RECEIVED; and
    2. THAT a capital project to retain a consultant to undertake an evaluation on Automated Speed Enforcement and Administrative Penalty System operations in order to provide recommendations to implement the program in the City of Brantford, BE CONSIDERED in the 2024 capital budget; and
    3. THAT “Lane Designation” BE APPROVED on Icomm Drive at Clarence Street South as outlined in Appendix “A” of this report; and
    4. THAT the necessary by-law BE PRESENTED to City Council for ADOPTION.
  • WHEREAS gardens and gardening contribute to the quality of life of our municipality and create safe and healthy places where people can come together; and

    WHEREAS the City of Brantford is proud to have a rich tradition of horticultural excellence with more than 180 floral gardens plus many other floral works of art; and

    WHEREAS the citizens of Brantford are proud of their City’s horticulture beauty and environmental stewardship; and
    WHEREAS a beautiful environment contributes to the overall quality of life of Brantford residents; and

    WHEREAS Communities in Bloom is a non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and community beautification across Canada through friendly challenge and competition; and

    WHEREAS the City of Brantford has participated in the past and has been invited to participate in the Communities in Bloom Ontario challenge in 2024; and

    WHEREAS the cost for entry, which covers the cost of administration and project evaluation for a City of Brantford’s size $1,000; and

    WHEREAS Communities in Bloom recommends approval of other costs associated with promotion, involving the community, honouring participants and volunteers and attending any awards ceremonies that staff have estimated at $2000; and

    WHEREAS the City of Brantford wishes to demonstrate our accomplishments as one of the best blooming communities in Canada and celebrated its internationally recognized horticultural excellence;

    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT The City of Brantford ENTER into the 2024 Communities in Bloom Ontario Program and that the costs associated from registering, participating, promoting and other ancillary costs for the provincial competition BE FUNDED in the amount of $3,000 from the Council Priorities Reserve.